Michel Tay



 マイケルはシンガポール拠点のファッション・広告フォトグラファーで、 10年以上に渡り、シンガポール国内だけでなく、国際的なセレブのスナップや、 ファッション、トップブランドの広告などを独自の目線で撮り続け、 作品は多岐にわたります。ファッションフォトグラファーとして地位を確立した今、 商品撮影やウェディング撮影まで手がけるようになりましたが、 そこにも彼のユニークなセンスが生かされています。


また、グラッフィックデザイナーとしての活動もしており、 写真とイラストやグラッフィックを組み込んだ彼の作品は、 地元のバンドとコラボし数多くの雑誌や広告で見ることがでます。


彼は音楽にも情熱を注いでいます。 プロのミュージシャンでもあり、時にはバンドのメンバーとツアーにも出ます。



Michel Tay is a Singapore based fashion/commercial photographer. For more than a decade, he has developed shutters for eyes by snapping his way to local and regional fame with fashion and commercial photography. Collaborations with international celebrities, models and top brands make him both creative and diversified lensman.

Established as a fashion and commercial photographer, he also dabbles in still life photography as well as wedding photography, but not without coloring them with a touch of his fashion whimsical fashion taste.

Michel is also a trained avid graphic designer who loves to combine his photographic canvas with his graphic knowledge. He has incorporated many of his arts and drawings with photography into editorial pages and advertising campaigns, as well as artworks and photography collaboration with a couple of the local bands.

When he is not shooting, Michel breathes life into another of his passion, music. He is a recording artist and has been on tours with his band. He sees photography, music and life as a binding of art. Hence all these are an essential part of his system.



Juice Magazine/ Female Brides/ Feminine/U-Weekly/ Cittabella/ Carrie’s International/ Monsoon Hair/ Tag Worldwide/ Leonard Drake/ NIKE/ SK-II/ Bayer/ Citigem/ Domicil International/ Brandsfever/ Hewlett-Packard/ Spectraban/