ロンドンでLuis Monteiro, Ellen von Unwerthのアシスタント。







ハンガリー写真家協会(the Hungarian Photographer's Association)賞受賞

ハッセルブラッド・マスターズ・アワード2008(Hasselblad Masters Award 2008)ノミネート。



Tatler Hong Kong, Marie Claire, Joy, Celebrity, Cosmopolitan,

Jessica Code, Esquire, Chouette,  Luxury,Naelie Paris, Zeha, Sony



German-Hungarian fashion and portrait photographer based in Berlin and Paris.

Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1981.


He originally imagined life as a biologist, but his passion for photography soon changed this and at 19 years of age his talent took him across the globe from Hungary to Los Angeles, London and later to Japan, China and France. Once his gift for people and fashion photography revealed itself, he was offered an assistantship in London, where he worked under well known photographers, such as Luis Monteiro and Ellen von Unwerth. In 2006 he started his solo career, spending a short time in Asia before moving back Europe where he now splits his time and work between Paris and his chosen hometown, Berlin.


Today his images are often inspired by the "Belle Époque" and considers true beauty, elegance, traditions and playful sensuality as its most important features.

His work is known for its precise workflow and Adam's almost cinematic approach to the theme of the assignment.

He is also an admirer of traditional photography. In his work he keeps his pictures and his models more "human", more real and chooses the models carefully who naturally compliment the clothes.


He was awarded by the Hungarian Photographer's Association and nominated for the Hasselblad Masters Award in 2008.



Tatler Hong Kong, Marie Claire, Joy, Cosmopolitan, Jessica Code, Esquire, Chouette Luxury, Naelie Paris, Zeha, Sony






Adam Von Mac